Yatra Høstsabbat Festival 2019 Stoner Doom Psych Sludge Prog



Have you read any heavy music blogs lately? If not, go do! If you have, there’s no chance in the world you’ve missed the presence of the Americans in YATRA, for the moment number 7 at Doom Charts. Their brand new album “Death Ritual” has been on everyone’s lips, taking over news feeds completely. Rightfully so.

From the starting sounds, which recalls the soothing sounds of Thebes, by OM, there’s no turning back. YATRA play some kind of old school, almost blackened, stoner doom. It’s terrifying, with a sound nodding to Goatsnake as well as Sleep, but with a much grimmer output.

This is a booking we are very proud of, since we’re certain YATRA will leave marks in our community for years to come.

Please give hand to YATRA, as they visit Norway and Oslo for the first time. Hail!!