After the success at last years’ Høstsabbat, Linda K. Røed and Trine Grimm are back, this time as curators for the art exhibition. They grew up together in Haugesund, and have been making art their whole life.

"This time we are bringing more artists with us, which we’re excited to present during the festival. We will also do a live painting together on stage, something we haven’t done before. We are proud to have picked artists we think represent the mood of the festival"

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LINDA K. RØED is originally from Haugesund, but has been living in Oslo for almost a decade. As a former student at the Oslo Academy of Fine Arts, her great passion and expertise is drawing and textile installation. Due to her interest and deep roots in the metal scene, her works can be found on album covers for several well-known bands (Darkthrone, Black Magic, Spurv, Svarttjern, Glittertind etc.), despite not being her only creative expression. Those who know her style may also have noticed that Linda's art adorns posters for festivals such as the early years for Høstsabbat and Heavy Nights.

With aesthetics heavily inspired by medieval imagery and occult symbols, she promises to bring a selection of original works and prints to Kulturkirken Jacob, as well as a bunch of "demonic creatures".



TRINE GRIMM is also originally from Haugesund, but has been living and working with art in Oslo for almost 12 years.

She moved to Oslo in 2008 to start her apprenticeship in tattooing. Working as a full time Tattoo artist, and fine artist om the side, she is already a very well known person in the music scene. 

She had her first solo exhibition in 2013 and has now focused more on the art, then the tattoo part. Working with many bands and festivals both in Norway and abroad for the last years. Her art is inspired by the occult, nature, religion and her love for physics and space.

She will bring both originals and prints to this years festival that has never been showed to the public before.





MARIA VIIRROS is a professionally trained printmaker with a fine art background. She works mostly with intaglio techniques, where you make images by printing copper plates etched with acid. Most of her work is inspired by real-life sources, like medical databases or war archives.

"I like the idea of claiming these sort of images and creating something of value out of them. Making art for me is the only way possible to communicate the world and especially its darker sides, that easily go unnoticed."

rebelica angecca

rebeliCa angeCCA (Rebecca Nordbø) is a Norwegian artist with a background from the National Academy of Fine Arts in Oslo. She will display unique handprinted lithographs from the series “The Shady Side of Plants”.

“In the shadow, what we do not see is the lack of light, the shadow side.
I draw the imprint of the light, the light that has traveled all the way from the sun (sometimes the moon) and hit the ground. Almost an uninterrupted line.
With the plant in the middle, I draw the portrait of the shadow.
The shadow that is constantly moving and changing, just like everything else.
I try to draw, color and capture the spaces, the air around and within.
Movement. My desire is to make visible a fleeting moment, by studying it and examining layers that may be in between.
I also seek the physical. The bass. Its keynote. The rhythm.
I want my work to convey and trigger a physical experience, that the eyes meet with vibration.”