After the success at last years’ Høstsabbat, Linda K. Røed and Trine Grimm are back, this time as curators for the art exhibition. They grew up together in Haugesund, and have been making art their whole life.

"This time we are bringing more artists with us, which we’re excited to present during the festival. We will also do a live painting together on stage, something we haven’t done before. We are proud to have picked artists we think represent the mood of the festival"

More info and more artists will be updated soon.




Due to events outside of our control, BLACK PYRAMID has decided to cancel the northern part of their upcoming European tour. This is a huge bummer, and we apologize to the ones attending Høstsabbat, looking forward to see their anniversary show. We hope we can bring them to Oslo at another point.

But – Nothing is as bad as it’s not good for something.

We turned our heads around, and found a replacement last minute, a band we have been wanting to have on our bill for years. Norway has a brimming psych/kraut scene, and we are proud to announce ELECTRIC EYE to come play the Chapel stage, Friday October 4th. Their sound represents Høstsabbat in a perfect way, blending sunshine melodies, with hard grooves and basslines. Magnificent guitar work on top of this, makes ELECTRIC EYE a delicious treat as much for the ocular senses as our sense of hearing. We’re stoked they said yes to our proposal!

Watch out for the ELECTRIC EYE, it will be watching you.

Evig Lyttar interview series: ACARASH

Evig Lyttar interview series: ACARASH

Høstsabbat is just as much into darkness and despair, as groove and joy. Only in their third year of existence, Acârash has become a household name in the Norwegian underground. Their very own occult take on doom will showcase a band so grim, filthy and bleak, you’ll question the meaning of light altogether.

Their debut album “In Chaos Becrowned”, is a manifestation of a band well schooled in the art of metal. In reverence, we will worship to the altar of Acarash at Verkstedet scene.

In the meantime you can check out this great interview from Evig Lyttar(in Norwegian).

EARTHLESS to Vaterland, Aug 13th

EARTHLESS to Vaterland, Aug 13th


Please welcome the mighty Earthless to an intimate, loud and utterly kickass evening at Vaterland in Oslo, Aug 13th!

Høstsabbat are super stoked to present Earthelss at such an intimate venue as Vaterland. This will definitely be something else.

Earthless is Isaiah Mitchell (Vocals / Guitar), Mike Eginton (Bass), Mario Rubalcaba (Drums). Together they make jam explosions and riff bonanzas like no others.

Only 110 tickets for sale, so be quick!

Come to space, come to rawk.


CC: 295,- (inc. ticket fee)
ID: 20

ELECTRIC WIZARD will play Kulturkirken Jakob // 21st of September

ELECTRIC WIZARD will play Kulturkirken Jakob // 21st of September

Doomlegendene fra Dorset, UK, returnerer til Norge!

Electric Wizard, med Jus Oborn og Liz Buckingham i spissen, har vært toneangivende siden bandets begynnelse i 1993, og deres misantropiske og okkulte image har gjort de umiskjennelige i en verden som vrimler av copycats.

Høstsabbat er utrolig stolte av å kunne presentere et så sterkt visuelt band i en venue som Kulturkirken Jakob.

Velkommen til dommedagsmesse lørdag 21. september!


Festival Poster

Festival Poster

The festival poster is here. 

Thanks a million to Trine Grimm for the kickass artwork! 

Can' wait to get this going.


Colour Haze (DE)
UFOMAMMUT (IT)- 20th anniversary set -
BelzebonG (PL)
The Devil And The Almighty Blues (NO)
Black Pyramid (US)
Skraeckoedlan (SE)
Hexvessel (FI)
Yuri Gagarin (SE)
Papir (DK)
Slabdragger (UK)
Dunbarrow (NO)
Stuck in Motion (SE)
Barren Womb (NO)
Golden Core (NO)
Acârash (NO)
Superlynx (NO)
Magmakammer (NO)
Kanaan - Band (NO)
Astrosaur (NO)
Orsak:Oslo (NO)

COLOUR HAZE will play Høstsabbat 2019

COLOUR HAZE will play Høstsabbat 2019

All of a sudden we are there. The last, but definitely not the least addition to Høstabbat 2019 is confirmed.

We have been wanting to have this band on the bill for years, and we are super proud to finally bring the mighty COLOUR HAZE to Norway for the first time, headlining the Saturday bill.

COLOUR HAZE represents the essence of what Høstsabbat is all about. They are heavy, they are lush, they are groovy, they are retro-oriented, but first of all they are one of the best bands on display in the world today. Make no mistake, they are no beginners. COLOUR HAZE is a band that seems to have existed forever. They have played the biggest festivals a numerous of times; Roadburn, Duna Jam, Desertfest and the list goes on… Their latest epos “In her Garden”, out 2017 on Elektrohasch Records, marked their place in the European psych/kraut rock community as an entity that never rests on its prior accomplishments, but rather keeps pushing boundaries to expand their sound to the enjoyment of all their fans.

They are at times reminiscent of Norwegian legends Motorpsycho, both in their sound and artistic vision. There is a constant moving forward aesthetic, leaving all components in limbo. We surely hope and think COLOUR HAZE will blow minds like no one before them, when they enter the Chapel stage Saturday October 5th.

COLOUR HAZE has been added, Høstsabbat 2019 booking is done.

See you in October!


HEXVESSEL will play Høstsabbat 2019

HEXVESSEL will play Høstsabbat 2019


Most of the times these band descriptions kind of write themselves.
This next band however, is something completely different.

Their latest album “All Tree”, released one month ago on Century media Records, has spellbound the Høstsabbat camp completely. HEXVESSEL operate in their own universe, mixing classic folky tones and groove, with the flourishing sounds of the 60’s-era. Freedom and no restraint is key.

The band serves the listener a lush experience, putting a smile on your face, teasing you for walk in the sun leaving all things bad behind... Sometimes that’s what music is all about, right?

It’s also a landmark, to finally have the first Finnish band represented on our lineup. Can you imagine a better debut for these beautiful people from the East, than having HEXVESSEL play the Church? We surely can’t.

Please welcome HEXVESSEL to Høstsabbat 2019!

Dunbarrow will play Høstsabbat 2019

Dunbarrow will play Høstsabbat 2019


Some bands are born in the wrong generation, in a different time and age... DUNBARROW has a sound taking us back to the golden 70’s, where riff, groove and melodies was what it was all about, and they execute their craft with sheer brilliance, lending ear to old-school Witchcraft and classic Pentagram equally.

Their recent album “II”, was praised by blogs and magazines all over the world, taking the band to the next level. Hailing from the coast in western Norway, DUNBARROW sat sail over the pond, and is now under the wings of the evergreen So Cal label Riding Easy Records.

These fine gentlemen took us completely by surprise when they played the first edition of Høstsabbat back in 2013, and we can’t wait to see what the years in between have done to their output. It’s a joy to welcome DUNBARROW back to the Church of Sabbat.