Orsak:Oslo Høstsabbat Festival 2019 Psych Stoner Doom Sludge Rock


ORsak:Oslo (NO/SE)

Some bands lurk around in the shadows for years before they catch people’s attention, and even if Høstsabbat has had a keen eye on the guys in Orsak:Oslo for a while, we feel the timing to bring them on stage, now, in 2019, is perfect.

Their latest physical release “Orsak:Oslo”, collects years of EP’s and singles, but perhaps their latest digital effort “Ghost Gear”, is the one getting them out of Scandinavia, and into every psych heads mind. IT IS THAT GOOD.

The basslines, the laidback, mellow, but yet intense groove, makes these guys perfect for a sunny summer day. It sounds so perfect, it’s just a matter of time before you’ll see them on festivals across the continent. Mark our words. We’re proud to present Orsak:Oslo at Høstsabbat in October.