Photo: Hillarie Jason

Photo: Hillarie Jason


Black Pyramid

Sometimes it’s important to embrace the past, just as much as the time being.

Lurking around our community since what seems like forever, Black Pyramid has been a pivotal band in inspiring flesh blood and talent for ages. We are proud to invite these American pioneers to Oslo and Norway for the first time.

Joining in on the anniversaries this year, Black Pyramid are celebrating the 10-year-mark of their magnificent self-titled debut album, bringing it on a full euro tour after years on hiatus.

Black Pyramid cements the essence of Høstsabbat, playing a classic kind of stoner metal, inspired by heavy metal as much as the doomier side of things. After being featured on all the major festivals, such as Roadburn, Hammer of Doom, Desertfest and so on, we are proud to present them to our loyal Sabbathians in Kulturkirken Jakob in October.

Black Pyramid was dead, long live Black Pyramid!