Barren Womb Høstsabbat Festival Stoner Doom Psych Rock




The closing act on the Verkstedet stage this year, is a fearsome force from up north. Barren Womb might be the hardest working band of the entire Norwegian underground, touring relentlessly, always giving it what it takes.

Even if they’re a duo, it’s a band very hard to describe. After seeing them numerous times, it’s evident you’ll never quite get what you expect from Timo and Tony. They can be melodic, sore, catchy, hard, punky and heavy as a concrete Chevy. It’s a fair statement to say they’re one of the best live bands on display from our country. You’ll be missing out, if you drop their show.

When Barren Womb hit the stage; expect the unexpected. 
We’re stoked to finally have them on our bill!