Skraeckoedlan Høstsabbat 2019 Stoner Metal Psych Festival



Finally we have the pleasure of welcoming the Swedish giants in Skrackoedlan to Høstsabbat. It’s been a long time coming. This band has nothing but gained reputation and following since their debut in 2010. We can't get away from mentioning their stunning debut album "Äppelträdet", which already is a classic amongst the fans.

With their recent epos “Earth”, released last Friday, cemented their place as pioneers of spaced out, psychedelic stoner rock. In collab with the Swedish writer Nils Håkanson, they have painted their own universe, with the first half of the album portraying the underworld, and the latter describing what’s happening on the surface of the Earth, amongst mammoths, octopuses and otherwordly creatures.

Make no mistake, this is a masterpiece, and we are proud the have them come play Høstsabbat with this effort in their back pockets. Sweden has proven their magic again.