Fellow Sabbathians! Listen up!

As Høstsabbat has been growing over the years, since our humble start in 2013, our intentional focus on showcasing the Norwegian underground has lost turf to bigger acts from foreign countries. It’s been super fun to be able to book top shelf bands from different corners of the world, but it’s no secret that our focus on the always brimming scene in our native country has lost ground. 

Fear no more! Høstsabbat 2019 will include a third stage, at the awesome stage and bar at Verkstedet, literally a 30 second walk from the church. This stage will consist of Norwegian bands ONLY. After months of planning, we feel we have captured the essence of bands, set to break through to the next level. It’s hard to describe the quality and diverse impact of this stage, and we would like to thank all the bands for making this vision become reality.

It’s a tremendous joy to welcome these nine acts to Høstsabbat 2019, illustrated on a stunning poster by the incredibly talented Trine Grimm, who is also set to curate the art program this year, alongside our long-time companion Linda K. Røed!

There you go, Boom!

Acârash (NO)
Astrosaur (NO)
Barren Womb (NO)
Golden Core (NO)
Kanaan (NO)
Magmakammer (NO)
Orsak:Oslo (NO)
Subnoir (NO)
Superlynx (NO)

Design by: Trine Grimm

Verkstedet Høstsabbat Festival Stoner Doom Sludge Metal Rock 2019