Due to events outside of our control, BLACK PYRAMID has decided to cancel the northern part of their upcoming European tour. This is a huge bummer, and we apologize to the ones attending Høstsabbat, looking forward to see their anniversary show. We hope we can bring them to Oslo at another point.

But – Nothing is as bad as it’s not good for something.

We turned our heads around, and found a replacement last minute, a band we have been wanting to have on our bill for years. Norway has a brimming psych/kraut scene, and we are proud to announce ELECTRIC EYE to come play the Chapel stage, Friday October 4th. Their sound represents Høstsabbat in a perfect way, blending sunshine melodies, with hard grooves and basslines. Magnificent guitar work on top of this, makes ELECTRIC EYE a delicious treat as much for the ocular senses as our sense of hearing. We’re stoked they said yes to our proposal!

Watch out for the ELECTRIC EYE, it will be watching you.

Høstsabbat Electric EYe