Magmakammer Høstsabbat Festival 2019 Stoner Psych Doom Sludge Prog



The suburban Kolbotn-area, just outside of Oslo, is and has been famous for its countless contributions to the Norwegian extreme metal scene.

However, there seems to be more fuzz and melodies in the water over there nowadays, as young acts with a different approach climb their way to the surface of the underground.
When we first booked Magmakammer, actually one of the first bands we contacted after last years’ festival, they were still a pretty blank canvas. Luckily, our gut feeling proved right, and it’s been a pleasure to see how the band has received more and more attention over the last year.

They are often compared to the brits in Uncle Acid, mostly because of their lo-fi, catchy-as-hell vocals, but they are well on their way establishing a unique sound, with a distinct heaviness and occult groove to accompany the splendid vocals.

Their recent output, “Bloody Diamond” released by Burning Coffin Records, showcase Magmakammers’ true potential, and a vinyl split with the Italians in SANGUE, is also on the way.

Høstsabbat is proud to present a band of such quality this early in their career. 
Come catch them at the Norwegian stage in October \m/