Golden+Core Høstsabbat Festival 2019 Psych Doom Stoner Rock



Golden Core.
What to say, that hasn’t been said about these wonder kids already?
Our guess is that most of the attendees at Høstsabbat are familiar with the duo from eastern Oslo. What they might not be familiar with, is how much they have evolved as a unit over the last couple of years. They have come a long way since their KYUSS-worship in the early years. Adding vocals to their output, and putting more thought and finesse to the riffs, Golden Core anno 2019 is a force to be reckoned with.

Their upcoming album “FIMBULTÝR” is set for release on Fysisk Format November 1st , and find its release show at Verkstedet Friday October 4th. We’re stoked to host this occasion, and proud take part in Golden Core’s journey to stonerdoom heaven.