Astrosaur Høstsabbat Festival 2019 Stoner Psych Sludge Prog



As an entity, some bands are more technically skilled than others. It might take some time before the masses get to know the craftmanship of the austronauts in Astrosaur, but when they do. Holy shit. Astrosaur plays with such finesse, it’s hard to believe it’s done by humans. They invite their listeners on a trippy journey to space, maxed out with details, breaks, guitar- and bass runs, the light years will pass in a blink. This September sees their second full length, and their debut on the German label Pelagic Records, and we have a feeling the material from “Obscuroscope” will go down like a tornado live.

We’re stoked AF to present Astrosaur at Høstsabbat in October.